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PIT@WSH Game 5: Microstats

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Pittsburgh at Washington, Game 5:  
Comparing Micro Stats to Corsi%

I tracked Game 5 of the Pittsburgh-Washington series in order to see what each player does each time they have possession of the puck.  You can find an example of my tracking here: Tracking Explanation

All data documented is at even strength(5v5).  Corsi% is taken from Corsica.Hockey.  The chart below displays the micro stats that I tracked, sorted by Corsi% top to bottom.  The possession count is a count of how many times each player had the puck at 5v5.  I left out some columns as to not clutter the chart.  For example, Sidney Crosby had 30 possessions in the game, using the below calculation:

3 SOG + 1 Missed SOG + 1 Attempt Blocked + 19 Passes + 1 Clear + 1 Offside+ 2 Offensive Zone Turnovers + 2 Defensive Zone Turnovers= 30 Possessions

Below you can see again that the high Pass%’s appear to have the higher Corsi%.  50% Corsi and above have an average Pass% of 51.7%, where Corsi%’s below 50% have an average Pass% of 35.7%.  Pass%= Passes/Possessions.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 11.35.10 PM

Turnover% for players with a 50% or greater Corsi% = 24.1%
Turnover% for players with a sub 50% Corsi% = 46%.

Turnover%= (Dump in Turnovers+Offensive&Neutral&Defensive Zone Turnovers)/Possessions

For example, Crosby had 2 Offensive Zone Turnovers and 2 Defensive Zone Turnovers.  4 Turnovers/30 Possessions = 13.3% Turnover% which was lowest on the team in Game 5 (that’s really good)

Below is a breakdown showing Pass% and Turnover% for each player along with their Corsi%:

Screen Shot 2016-05-10 at 5.48.45 PM

The highest Turnover% was Kuhnackl at 75%.  Kuhnhackl had 8 Possessions and turned it over 6 times.

In regards to Defensive Zone Turnover%, the highest Defensive Zone turnover rates were: Fehr(16.7%), Cole(13.3%), and Kuhnhackl(12.5%)

In Game 4 Crosby had a 41.7% Corsi%, in Game 5 a 55.6% Corsi%.
Crosby’s Game 4 stats: 1 Offensive Rebound, 0 Defensive Rebounds, 7 Turnovers on 20 Possessions.

Crosby’s Game 5 stats: 4 Offensive Rebounds, 2 Defensive Rebounds, 4 Turnovers on 30 Possessions. Crosby was able to maintain more offensive zone possessions with rebounds, and end Washington’s offensive zone possessions with defensive rebounds.

In looking at two Dmen which showed improved Corsi% in Game 5 compared to Game 4 are Justin Schultz and Brian Dumoulin. Dumoulin’s Pass% in Game 5 was highest on the team at 65% (26 Passes/40 Possessions)  compared to Game 4 where it was 55.3%.

Below is a breakdown of how each of Brian Dumoulin’s 40 possessions ended in Game 5:
1 Miss Shot
26 Passes
1 Clearance
1 Dump in(turnover)
1 Offensive Zone Turnover
4 Neutral Zone Turnovers
4 Defensive Zone Turnovers
Additional stats: 14 Steals, 1 Offensive Rebound, 1 Defensive Rebound, 6 puck recoveries, Turnover%= 25%

Below is a breakdown of how Justin Schultz’s 20 possessions ended in Game 5:
2 Attempts Blocked
7 Passes
1 Clearance
1 Dump in(turnover)
1 Icing
3 Offensive Zone Turnovers
1 Neutral Zone Turnover
2 Defensive Zone Turnovers
Additional stats: 5 Steals, 1 Offensive Rebound, 1 Defensive Rebound, 2 puck recoveries, Turnover%= 35%

Schultz’s underlying numbers were not very good, as the Penguins were not as efficient when the play flowed through him.  Schultz certainly benefitted by playing with Letang for stretches during Game 5, going from a 48.4% Corsi% in Game 4, to a 77.3% in Game 5.


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