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PIT@TB Game 4: Microstats

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I tracked Game 4 of the Pittsburgh-Tampa Bay series to see how each Pittsburgh player performs per each time they have possession of the puck.  Below is a breakdown of individual possessions efficiency during 5v5 play.  Corsi% is from Corsica.Hockey.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 6.06.56 PM

Rust benefitted quite a bit from playing with Malkin.  While a very minimally involved in the game (just 11 Possessions), Rust managed to put up an 84.2% Corsi%.  Malkin had a Corsi% of 69%(nice), which is good for 5th highest on the team.  Malkin had 33 possessions, of which he completed 17 passes(51.5% of the time).  Of those 17 passes, 12 were in the offensive zone, for an Offensive Zone Pass% of 36.4%(12 Offensive Zone Passes on 33 Possessions).  Kuhnhackl actually turned the puck over every time he established possession, committing 5 Turnovers of 5 Possessions for a 100% Turnover%.

Below is a breakdown of how each of Kunitz’s 30 Possessions at 5v5 ended
2 Clearances
1 Dump in(turnover)
4 Offensive Zone Turnovers
3 Neutral Zone Turnovers
10 Offensive Zone Passes
2 Neutral Zone Passes
2 Defensive Zone Passes
1 Puck Out of Play
2 Empty Possessions(puck knocked away but PIT maintained possession)

The highest Pass%(which are passes completed per possession) were Dumoulin, Crosby, Schultz, and Lovejoy, 76.3%, 72%, 71.4%, and 65.2% respectively.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 6.21.39 PM

The chart above breaks down all of the passes by zone each player made per each possession.  What stands out is Kuhnhackl, Cullen, and Fehr who had 1 offensive zone passes between the three of them.  As of Corsi% is a proxy for offensive zone time, and Offensive zone passes reflect offensive zone possession.

What I like to look it is to see which Defensemen are looking up the ice for available options and joining the play as they exit the zone.  The highest Neutral Zone Passes completed are Dumoulin(11), Letang(10), Lovejoy(9).

Below is a breakdown of Turnovers Per Possession for each player in Game 4.

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 6.37.08 PM

Players that were above a Corsi% of 50%, averaged a 24% Turnover%.  Players below a Corsi% of 50%, averaged a Turnover% of 39.5%.



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