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TB@PIT Game 5: Microstats

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In tracking game 5 from an individual possession basis, I can get a better understanding of how each player performed each time they had possession of the puck at even strength(5v5).  Below is a breakdown of each players individual possessions at 5v5, sorted by Corsi% retreived from Corsica.Hockey.

Screen Shot 2016-05-23 at 11.54.58 PM

Olli Maatta lead the way with a 66.7% Corsi%.  Maatta had the 2nd most Possessions(36), and the 3rd highest Passes Per Possession% at 55.6% (20 Passes completed on 36 Possessions).  Maatta was also tied for 2nd highest Defensive Rebound% at 33.3%, by grabbing 2 defensive rebounds of the 6 available.  Maatta also had the lowest Turnover% of any player at 16.7%(6 Turnovers on 36 Possessions, 6/36 = 16.7%)

Letang had his worst game of the series by far, posting a 36.8% Corsi%, as well as a 41.3% Turnover%.  In the 1st period alone, Letang had a 62.5% Turnover%.  In games 1-4 Letang averaged a 58.2% Corsi%, and an 18.8% Turnover%.  Of Letang’s 46 possessions, 3 ended as offensive zone turnovers, 6 neutral zone turnovers, and 8 defensive zone turnovers.  Letang had the highest defensive zone turnover% on the team at 17.4% (8 defensive zone turnovers/46 Possessions), next highest was Schultz at 16.7% ( 4 defensive zone turnovers/24 Possessions).

Letang’s Game 5 Performance compared to Games 1-4 averages:



Below I broke down each players Passes by zone per each individual possession.  For example, Malkin had 22 Possessions, 9 were Offensive Zone Passes (9/22 = 40.9%).  Having a high defensive zone pass% is not a bad thing per say, because it reflects patience in the zone, rather than just clearing the puck out and voluntarily giving up possession.  A methodical build up in the defensive zone allows time for the forwards to look for open ice in order to open up passing lanes.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 12.16.42 AM

Rebound%’s below give a good idea as to which players are extending their team’s offensive zone possessions, as well as ended their opponents defensive zone possessions.  Kunitz was a beast on the offensive boards, grabbing 4 rebounds of the 11 available for a 36.4% Offensive Rebound%.  Defensively, Maatta and Lovejoy lead the way with a 33.3% and 40% Defensive Rebound% respectively.  Getting to loose pucks following an opponent’s shot attempt, relieves defensive zone pressure.

Screen Shot 2016-05-24 at 5.45.08 PM

As you can see above, the Penguins dumped the puck in 24 times in aggregate, resulting in a turnover 20 times(83.3%).  Dump ins: Rust(5), Hagelin(3), and Dumoulin(3) all had a 100% failure rate when dumping the puck in. Rust had 5 dump ins, resulting in 5 turnovers. Pittsburgh needs to stop utilizing the dump in as a means of zone entry due to its ineffectiveness.


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