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PIT@TB Game 6: Microstats

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In tracking game 6 of the eastern conference finals between Pittsburgh and Tampa Bay, I am able to analyze players on a per individual possession level. Essentially documenting what each player does each time they have possession of the puck. Below are the Individual Possession Efficiency results at even strength(5v5) from game 6.  All Corsi%’s were retrieved from Corsica.Hockey.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 7.17.20 AM

Looking at the players’ Corsi%, what stands out is the passes completed per possession%.  All players with a Corsi% 50% and above averaged a Passes Per Possession% of 51.7%.  All players below a Corsi% of 50% averaged a 39.6% Passes Per Possession%.  To calculate, Letang had 42 possessions at 5v5, of those 42 possessions, 25 ended with a completed a pass(25/42)=59.5%.  The ability to find open teammates in order to advance/extend plays can be crucial.

Letang had the lowest Turnover% in game 6 at 11.9%(5 Turnovers on 42 Possessions = 11.9%).  This is quite a bit different than his game  5 performance where his Turnover% was 41.3%.

As you can see above, Kunitz was very good at grabbing rebounds Offensively(20%) and Defensively(20%).  Obtaining rebounds can extend offensive zone possessions, where defensive rebounds can end your opponent’s offensive zone possessions.  All players at 50% Corsi% and above averaged an Offensive Rebound% of 12.8%, where players below 50% Corsi% averaged 5%.

The chart below shows each players Passes Per Possession% breakdown by zone:

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 7.26.52 AM

As you can see, the ability to complete passes in the offensive zone(extending possessions) can help create shot attempts.  Hornqvist completed 10 passes in the Offensive Zone of the 23 he had for the game(10/23 = 43.5%).  

The Penguins continue to struggle with dump ins.  Dumping the puck in 33 times, and losing possession (dump in turnover) 32 times.  Dump ins in game 6 had a 3% success rate in game 6.  On a per possession level, players with a Corsi% 50% and above, dumped the puck in at a rate of 5.3 times (5.3%) per 100 individual possessions.  Players with a Corsi% below 50%, dumped the puck in at a rate of 8.7%.

In period 3, Pittsburgh had a 3-0 lead and pretty much just shut their offense down.  The chart below shows ONLY 3rd period possessions.  This gives you a better idea at how their play changed in the third.

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 8.00.06 AM

Pittsburgh’s Periods 1 & 2 vs Period 3 Split:

Periods 1 & 2 Per Possession Analysis
Turnover%: 23.7%
Clearance%: 4.9%
Dump in%: 7.8%

Period 3 Per Possession Analysis
Turnover%: 28.1%
Clearance%: 13.3%
Dump in%: 7%

To shut your offense down like this, is just inviting disaster.  Every clearance is just voluntarily handing possession over to Tampa Bay.

As a reference, below is a per possession breakdown of how Pittsburgh performed in periods 1 and 2. Notice the Passes Per Possession% change from Periods 1&2 compared to period 3. In Periods 1&2, Pittsburgh’s average Passes Per Possession% was 48.1%. In period 3 it was 33.6%

Screen Shot 2016-05-26 at 8.18.51 AM


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