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PIT@SJ Game 4: Microstats

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2016 Cup Finals
Pittsburgh 3, San Jose 1

The data below shows the results of my tracking of Game 4.  Players are evaluated on how they perform on a per individual possession basis.  Essentially, I am documenting what they do each time they have the puck at even strength(5v5).  The data I track is then used to help explain player Corsi%. (All Corsi% data was obtained from Corsica.Hockey)

Phil Kessel leads the way in Corsi% at 61.5%.  Kessel had a Turnover% (Turnovers Per Possession) of 24.1%, which was below the team average of 28.3%.  Although Kessel’s Passes Completed Per Possession% (24.1%) and Passing Accuracy% (63.6%) are below the team averages of 34.1% and 71.2% respectively, his all shot attempts (SOG, Missed, Blocked) per possession were 31%.  Just to give you an idea, the team average was 10.1%.  So Kessel just about averaged a shot attempt, ~1 in 3 individual possessions.

Kuhnhackl, Hornqvist, and Malkin struggled, posting the 3 lowest Corsi%’s of 41.7%, 41.4%, and 42.1% respectively.  All three had a Turnover% above the team average.  Kuhnhackl’s Turnover% was almost double the team average.  Kuhnhackl only had 6 individual possessions at even strength, and dumped the puck in 3 times. (50% dump in rate).  Each dump in by Kuhnhackl resulted in a turnover.  Pittsburgh’s dump in success rate was 9.1%, meaning dump ins resulted in a turnover 90.9% of the time.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 1.03.21 PM

Ian Cole struggled this game, relative to the others.  Cole posted the highest defensive zone turnover rate at 26.7% (team average defensive zone turnover rate was 9.4%).  Cole completed 0 passes in the offensive zone, where his biggest issue was failed clearances.

Maatta improved statistically from a defensive rebound standpoint, but his Defensive Zone Turnover rate of 21.9%, was 2nd highest on the team.  Maatta committed 7 Defensive zone turnovers on 32 Possessions.  I broke down how Hagelin performed relative to the team from an individual possession standpoint:

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 7.01.28 PM

The chart below shows the Offensive and Defensive Rebound rates for each player.  Players with a Corsi% of 50% and above averaged an Offensive Rebound% of 7.1%, and a Defensive Rebound% of 10.6%.  Players with a Corsi% below 50% averaged an Offensive Rebound% of 7.9%, and a Defensive Rebound% of 8.6%.  Rust had the highest Offensive Rebound% of any player at 40%, grabbing 2 of the 5 rebound available.  Bonino had the highest Defensive Rebound% at 22.2%, grabbing 2 of the 9 available.

Seeing the Kessel/Bonino/Hagelin line each having above average rebound%’s is quite impressive.  Shows their ability to maintain offensive zone possessions, as well as end their opponent’s offensive zone possessions.

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 1.33.45 PM

The chart below shows a Passing Analysis for each player.  Showing each player’s overall Passing Accuracy% (Completed/(Completed+Failed Attempts).  Malkin’s Passing Accuracy% is just about at the team average or 71.2% overall.  Malkin’s struggles were in the offensive zone, completing just 25% of his passes (1 Completed/4 Attempted).  In just the offensive zone, the team average Passing Accuracy% was 60.3%.  Malkin’s 33.3% Turnover% contributed to his subpar Corsi% as well.

This was Kunitz’s worst game in terms of Passing Accuracy (57.1%) in the series thus far.  In the prior games, Kunitz posted Passing Accuracy%’s of 92.3%, 75%, and 75%, in games 1,2, and 3 respectively.  Hagelin and Crosby each completed the most passes in the offensive zone (6).

Screen Shot 2016-06-08 at 5.51.46 PM

The chart below shows combined passes completed to each zone, per each defensive pairing.  The Letang/Dumoulin pairing lead the way in combined Corsi% at 55.7%.  As you can see from the chart, Letang and Dumoulin were able to advance the play into the Neutral and Offensive zones more often than the other two defensive pairings.  So between Letang and Dumoulin, they averaged ~5 completed passes in the offensive zone per possession.  The Maatta/Lovejoy pairing averaged 1.5 completed passes in the offensive zone per possession.

Udmen gm4

This chart shows how combined Passing Accuracy% relates to Corsi%.  Maatta and Lovejoy had the lowest combined Corsi% at 46.6%, as well as the lowest combined Passing Accuracy% at 71%.

dmanpass acc gm4





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